Welcome to my little slice of the internet!

Hi! I'm Quirky, but i usually go by Tenth or Skye. Seems you've stumbled across my next big adventure! Yep! What I'm doing here is going to be entirely a learning experience for me. I'm gonna be learning HTML and CSS to make my own little slice of the internet. Check back from time to time, you just might see some improvements!

I like typing on my keyboard, and i like to kinda experiment with stuff, so this'll be my way to do both!

Take a look at the other sites around neocities! If you prefer more finished/appealing sites! I encourage you to check them out instead of my silly little page :)

While you're here, heres some things i like! Icebreakers, if you will!

If you want a more meme-y and wacky side of me, peep my twitter!

I also have a funny blog here! Check it out to stay up to date on what's going on! (psst... this just got updated recently!)

If you read all of this, then congrats! you've stuck with my goofy shenanigans thus far! Be sure to check back to see if anything new happened. This stuff is bound to change alot! :)

Oh! If you wanna send me tips, help, say or just say hi, then shoot me an email over at quirkyfennec@proton.me